​Stump Grinding & Stump Removal

You have old tree stumps in your garden? Not only are they an eyesore in your paradise, every time you mow the lawn you get annoyed by them. They are simply in the way!

In addition, the weeds grow on them, which they have to laboriously remove by hand. Just the other day you tripped over them.

Enough of that! We at Tree Service Yelm are happy to help.

There are two ways to deal with a tree stump: Stump grinding and stump removal.

Stump grinding is the easier and cheaper solution. Stump grinder is a powerful machine that grinds the stump and its roots into tiny pieces. The teeth of this machine are sharp and rotate very fast to crush the stump under the ground. Our stump grinder does this job reliably and quickly.

Many homeowners prefer this solution simply because it is cheaper. However, it is not always the best choice. Especially if it is a large or complex stump. For really large stumps or those with a massive root system, shredding stumps may not be possible. In addition, you will still have to deal with the roots after the stump is shredded.

Stump removal, on the other hand, is a more involved process that requires much more time, effort and money. It involves removing the entire stump, including the roots, which can only be done with the right machinery. This often requires machinery such as an excavator or backhoe to get the job done. Removing the tree stump and roots is more time-consuming and labor-intensive, but the garden will be completely free for new projects on your part afterwards.

This method is more expensive, but it is appropriate if you want to replant in the same spot or remove the stump and roots altogether. This way, they prevent the old roots from preventing their new plants from growing. By the way, even trying to dig up the roots of large trees is not only a sweaty affair, but also almost impossible. You have to imagine that what the tree has crown, it also has at least root system.

When deciding on a method, you should consider the size and location of the stump, your plans for their garden, and the cost and time involved. If the stump is small or in a difficult location, shredding the stump may be the best solution. For larger stumps or if you want to start fresh, stump removal is the best solution.​

Ultimately, you must decide for yourself which method is right for your garden. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each option and choose the one that best suits your specific needs. At Tree Service Yelm, we are happy to advise. With our knowledge and technology, it doesn't matter what you choose. In any case, the job will be done quickly. Sit back, relax and enjoy your garden.

Because not only do we do the work for you, we also clean up the mess. During stump grinding, we remove the shredded wood pieces unless you want to use them as mulch in your garden.

If you choose stump removal, we will fill the hole with soil afterwards if you wish. We are also happy to advise you on new plantings for your garden.

You see, we have the right solution for every case, skilled workers and machines.


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