Tree Removal

There are many reasons to cut down a tree. Sometimes a tree has grown too big for the place where it was planted. Or maybe it's too close to the house and now that it's big, it casts too much shade and as a result the house is in the dark. Not only do we enjoy sunlight, but moisture can develop this way and that in turn leads to mold growth. In the worst case, the branches even damage the roof. This can lead to expensive repairs. Perhaps you have also planned a new project and now the tree must give way.The most common reason is that it has become old and rotten. During the next storm it threatens to fall down completely or at least in parts or to break apart. This is a danger that should not be underestimated. Because even a rotten tree still has a lot of weight and can cause immense damage. And even small falling branches can be life-threatening. Don't let it get that far. Call us today!

But even if you have seemingly healthy trees, it's good to have them inspected by us. A certified arborist not only quickly sees if the tree is diseased or infested with pests. He also does various tests to make sure the core and roots are healthy as well.

Once the expert opinion is ready, he discusses the result with you. Sometimes it is enough just to cut out diseased, rotten or dead branches. Perhaps there is an imbalance and individual branches need to be sawn off to restore an even weight distribution, or the crown needs to be thinned out. Or maybe the tree is just lacking nutrients.

These are all simple measures that can be carried out quickly.

It is different when a tree has to be felled. Here many things have to be considered.

First of all, how big is the tree? Can it be felled in its entirety, or, as is more likely in residential areas, must it be taken down piece by piece. What are the local conditions? Is it close to buildings or power lines?

When the time comes, we cordon off the area so that no one is harmed. Our professionals and our machines then do the work. If you wish, we can remove the tree stump at the same time or grind it down afterwards. We can dispose of the tree for you, or if you wish, turn it into firewood. Small branches and twigs can be turned into mulch with our chipping, which you can use in your garden. No matter what they choose, we clean up in any case. So afterwards there is almost nothing left of what happened.

A tree is threatening to fall or has already fallen? Our emergency service is there for you 24/7.

And please leave the work to us professionals. A layman quickly underestimates the force of a tree. Time and again, people are seriously injured or even lose their lives trying to remove a tree themselves. Be wise, because for your loved ones they are irreplaceable.

By the way, we are also happy to advise you on new plantings. Just make an appointment with us!


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